Catalina Valentino | Bio

Catalina Valentino | Bio

Catalina Valentino | Bio

Catalina Valentino is a globally-leading tech entrepreneur & speaker. Her journey started from 11, achieving her first A* GCSE, at 16 starting a BA, having started her MSc at 19.

Now, she is the Co Founder and Chief Executive of ELIXR.

ELIXR is the World’s first Global Giga-Project, and as a part of its Planet2030 vision, is developing technologies aligned with the UN SDGs across major verticals such as:

Infrastructure planning, decarbonisation, energy and data, education, democracy, manufacturing and industy and more, to create the world's first Smart Nations.

She is also “Senator” and member of the Smart Cities Board to WBAF, “Special Advisor” to the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development and “Board Advisor” to Una Terra VC (€200M).

Catalina is also a published co-author, an investor into Waxelene, the global sustainable beauty brand raising Series C — and — has just begun her first PhD is sustainable engineering.

She has also been accoladed Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 & Global Top 100 Women in Tech 2023.

👇🏼 She has also taken global stages 👇🏼

→ Forbes


→ World Economic Forum

→ COP28

→ TedX

→ Innovate UK

→ London Tech Week

→ AIM Congress, UAE (x3)

→ Global Women’s Investment Summit

→ South Summit | London, Brazil & Madrid

→ GREAT Futures | UK & Saudi Government

It's safe to say this entrepreneur is only just getting started.

More information here: 

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